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  Wednesday: October 1, 2014

NEWS, FEATURES and OPINIONS from a gender perspective. Fresh updates from around the world every week. Women's Feature Service markets articles to print publications and websites. After reading the summaries, place a request  to get the features or briefs in full.



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Nighat And Others Pick Up The Pieces In Flood Ravaged Kashmir

On Friday, Nighat Shafi Pandit spoke on phone for a couple minutes: ‘I am very upset and startled by the floods in Kashmir. more

The Unseen Violence That Impacts Children

What are the qualities that best describe a mother? Most would immediately rattle off a plethora of adjectives – she is loving, compassionate, immensely patient, deeply caring, ready to sacrifice her all for the sake of her children and family... In short, the quintessential figure of perfection often portrayed in popular Indian cinema and literature. more

Of Women, For Women: Welcome Aboard Chennai’s Tech Savvy Ride

A few months back, Srikala, 35, who is separated from her husband, did not know how she was going to make ends meet in a big city like Chennai. more

Upasana’s White Print Brings Lifestyle News In Braille

Can you imagine life without your daily dose of celebrity gossip, fashion forecasts or restaurant reviews? What’s Shah Rukh Khan doing off screen these days? How is Priyanka Chopra doing up her new home? How does Daya, the popular star of the television series CID, face everyday challenges? What’s the best way to cook up a delicious biryani? For the majority population, there are several lifestyle magazines and online options available in every Indian language to catch up on the latest news and trends. more


Read these features to get an idea of what Women's Feature Service articles are like. WFS features don't merely report news: They examine the context - why and how events take place; the people, their social milieu and the developments that affect them. WFS holds up a magnifying glass to focus on small but significant symptoms of social change. Whether it is going behind the news or providing a micro-level understanding or standing back and taking a wide-angle view, WFS features give a fresh perspective to readers.




The success story of women's political representation could well be scripted in India's rural hinterland. In April 1993, the Government of India passed the, the Constitutional (73rd Amendment) Act mandating that there should be at 33 per cent reservation for women in panchayati raj institutions (PRIs).

Read More empowering women and men to end their own hunger

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