WFS Coverage of 
International Conferences

The WFS recognises the importance of following development not merely as events, but as a process of change. In the same spirit, international conferences have been covered and reported on, with a view to informing participants and non-participants. WFS reportage and publications also serve as records of the conferences.

2002 WFS handled all the media work for the international conference, 'Celebrating Mountain Women', in Paro (Bhutan) - generating pre-conference interest in the media, organising press conferences and producing daily press releases during the conference. Also putting up all press releases and other information on a specially-created CMW section on the WFS website as well as creating links with associated/ relevant websites. (Supported by ICIMOD)

1999 WFS covered and produced dailies at the ICPD+5 reviews at the Hague Forum and the PrepCom in New York.

1996 WFS covered the World Food Summit in Rome Italy and produced a daily FOOD SUMMIT WATCH.

1996 WFS covered the Habitat II conference in Istanbul, Turkey with a publication HABITAT WATCH.

1995 WFS produced a daily BEIJING WATCH at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Reportage was also sent to its mainstream media clients.

1995 WFS sent a representative to cover the Social Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark and made the stories available to mainstream media, In English and Spanish.

1994 WFS covered the ICPD (International Conference on Population and Development) in Cairo, Egypt. With a team of 22 journalists and translators, it produced a daily ICPD WATCH for the participants. It also transmitted selections of the reportage to its clients in various countries.

1993-94 Six daily newspapers were produced at the preparatory regional events of the Fourth World Conference on Women.

1993 WFS covered the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna Austria and produced a 30 minute TV documentary on the day long deliberations on women's rights as human rights, titled Breaking the Silence.

1992 WFS covered UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a team of 12 journalists.

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