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United States
Marching With The Multitudes… For Rights, Democracy
Elayne Clift

The atmosphere was one of energy, community, and hope. On the mall in Washington, DC, prolific signs, some serious and many hilarious, gave rise to cheers and photo ops. ‘We Shall Overcomb!’ ‘You can’t comb over climate change!’ ‘I wish my uterus shot bullets so it wouldn’t be regulated!’ ‘Exercise Respect or Expect Resistance!’ ‘Immigrants Make America Great!’ ‘I can’t believe I Have to March Again about this stuff!’ ‘Tinkler, Traitor, Groper, Spy.’ People arrived, most on foot, some with walkers or in wheelchairs, little ones in strollers, elders in bicycle rickshaws. As more and more people converged, one was reminded of Gandhi’s Salt March in India. Then as now, people flowed like rivers joining a swelling sea of humanity. The crowd grew larger and larger. Strangers hugged each other, laughed together, shared knowing smiles. It felt like one big family reunion. The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration women’s marches took place on every continent and in at least 700 locations around the world. The turnout and global solidarity was unprecedented, and deeply important: it signaled a turning point and a resistance movement that could well safeguard democracy.

“We are here. We are there. We are everywhere. And we are not going away!” We are your mothers, your wives, your sisters, your daughters, your granddaughters, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues. We roar and we vote. And we are not going back.

[Photographs Available]

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