International Women's Tribune Center IWTC

IWTC An international women's activist organisation rooted in the global NGO women's meeting held parallel to the FWCW in Mexico City in 1975. Dedicated to achieving women's full participation in the development process.

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A global computer not-for profit collective dedicated to supporting/promoting groups and individuals working for peace, human rights, and environment through the use of ICT.

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People & Planet

A magazine that has reported over the last decade on the way humans interact with the natural world. Provides a global view and internet gateway into issues of population, poverty, health, consumption and environment.

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Lifeonline provides information to audiences around the world about the impact of globalization on the poverty and social development agenda of the Habitat Istanbul+5 meeting in June 2001, as well as the upcoming 10-year review of the 1992 Earth Summit.

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A global information, communication and media network that enables NGOs to actively engage in the Beijing+5 review process with a special focus on women and media to aid empowerment.

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A grassroots interactive community by, for and about women. Offers resources to all women to facilitate information sharing and a space for diverse dialogues.

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Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press (WIFP)

The Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press (WIFP) is a nonprofit, research, education, and publishing organization. WIFP was founded in 1972 to seek ways to democratize the communications media by expanding freedom of the press (which includes its modern day electronic forms) to enable all people; rich and poor, male and female, to have the equal opportunity to speak

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Africawoman is a monthly newspaper (in print and online) put together by approximately 80 women journalists in eight African countries. Primarily for and about women in Africa, its aim is to encourage African women to develop a new voice in journalism.

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