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Highlights of some WFS productions:





1994 "Island Feminism"
Pacific Island women work to revitalize their culture and join the current women's movement. 19 minutes, English.

1995 "Going to Beijing"
Issues emerging at the preparatory conferences preceding the Fourth World Conference on Women. 15 minutes, English.

1995 "Sister Sol"
A nun gains fame in Manila by helping women in the red light district start a new life. 9 minutes, English.

1995  "The Measure of a Woman: The issues for Beijing"
A three-part radio documentaryfocusing on each of the twelve critical areas of concern outlined in the Beijing Platform for Action, with an emphasis on developing nations. 90 minutes, English.

WFS assisted All India Radio (AIR) with its "English Talk"
national show, featuring representatives from the government, NGOs and university structures, speaking on the Fourth World Conference on Women. The panel was moderated by the WFS.

1995 "NGOs at Beijing"
At the Beijing Conference NGO Forum in August and September in China, WFS Radio participated in worldwide live shortwave broadcasting. For the eight-day duration of the Forum, WFS produced a daily half-hour programme on South Asian women's concerns.

1995  "Beyond Beijing"
WFS Radio produced a half-hour documentary titled "Beyond Beijing" focussing on progress and challenges for Indian women, government and NGOs. This programme was commissioned by AIR and aired in October 1995.

1996 "The girl child in India"
A five-part series, supported by UNICEF, each feature 15 minutes, English.

1997 "Your Rights, Your Responsibilities"
On women's legal rights ranging from, each feature 30 minutes, Hindi. Broadcast on AIR for 26 weeks.

1998 "Engendering the Ninth Five Year Plan"
A radio report on how women participated for the first time ever in the drafting of policies for India's five-year plans. Produced for UNIFEM, broadcast on AIR. 30 minutes, English.

1998 "Emergency Contraception"
Produced for the Population Council, India and broadcast on AIR. 30 minutes, Hindi.

          (We want to know)
A programme on adolescent reproductive health, made for Population Council. Touches upon issues such as menstruation, sexuality, information about contraception, body image, mental stress during adolescence, etc. Broadcast on AIR FM. 30 minutes. Hindi.

          (There’s more to talk about)
Discusses issues related to women’s reproductive health such as contraception, common reproductive health problems, male responsibility for contraception, etc. Made for Population Council, it also explores the concept of reproductive rights in the Indian context. Broadcast on AIR. 30 minutes. Hindi.

2001 "Portrayal of Women in the Media"
- a programme on how religion and traditional thinking influence the portrayal of women in the media be it print, television, radio or films. Includes interviews with housewives, social activists, teachers and development consultants. Made for Ford Foundation. Broadcast on AIR, 30 minutes, English.

MacArthur Radio Series, 1999

Aurat aur uska swasthya I [Women's Health-I]
An eight-part series on women's reproductive health. Focus on innovative strategies and experiments in community healthcare. Produced for the John D & Catherine T MacArthur Foundation, broadcast on AIR. Each feature 30 minutes, Hindi.

Aurat aur uska swasthya II [Women's Health-II]
The programme looks specifically at women's reproductive health and reproductive tract infections (RTIs) -- a huge, unreported area of morbidity. 

Main jaanana chahti hoon [I want to know]
An exploration of the needs and desires of adolescent girls, the attitudes of family and society, and the impact on girls' sexual health and behaviour. Focus on family life education programmes and counselling for adolescents. 

Aisa bhi hota hai [Coping with sexual abuse]
What is sexual abuse? Does it impact women's health? How do victims of crimes like incest cope? Experts discuss the repercussions of abuse on the mental and physical well being of women and children and the coping strategies available. 

Aap bhi saajedaar ho sakte hain [An equal partnership]
The programme encourages men to play a supportive role in ensuring the reproductive health of wives and partners. It focusses on experiments at the community level which involve men as responsible partners and foster communication between couples on sexuality and health issues. 

Ek Naya Raasta [Showing the way]
This programme takes you to a unique community health project in a tribal district of Maharashtra. Run by the doctor couple Abhay and Rani Bang, the organisation SEARCH, based in Ghadchiroli, works among tribals and peasants, runs a hospital, provides training to community health workers, holds workshops on sexual health with rural youth, and conducts valuable medical research. 

Beeswin SAdi Ka Bhoot [Scourge of the century]
What is HIV/AIDS? How is it contracted? Why is counselling necessary before and after an HIV test, where to go for it, what treatment and other facilities are available to HIV infected. Also focusses on the importance of strict confidentiality. 

Ageing women's health
Explores the problems and dilemmas of the later years. Advises on how to cope with problems like menopause, arthritis, spondylosis, uterus prolapse, osteoporosis. 

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