001: Where Women Are Leaders 
The first WFS video production, broadcast twice on India's national television network, Doordarshan, it captures the energy and enthusiasm of young people as they traversed their way across the country promoting equality, education and women's leadership.

Year: 1993  
Duration: 25 min
Language: English

002: Breaking the Silence
Are women's rights human rights?  At the World Conference on Human rights in Vienna, Austria from June 14-25 1993, a global tribunal on Violations of Women's Human rights was the culmination of a two-year campaign to get gender violations on the official conference agenda. The film documents the testimonies of human rights abuses in the family, war crimes against women, violations of women's health and sexuality, and traces the process of consensus building and the success of the women's lobby.

Year: 1993
Duration: 28 min
Language: English

003: Back to the Village
The innovative TBIRD (Thai Business initiative for Rural Development) in Thailand is an integrated project and approach that empowers communities to articulate their needs, rise out of poverty and keep women in the villages and away from the entertainment industry. 

Year  : 1994
Duration: 28 min
Language: English

004: The Indonesian Way 
A country which creatively turned its family planning programme around by bringing in the clergy, young people and communities.                 

Year : 1994
Duration: 28 min
Language: English

005: On the Road to Beijing: 
The Manila Symposium 
The film covers the first regional meeting of Asian and Pacific NGOs in preparation for the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing with the focus on development, economic growth and empowerment of women.

Year : 1994
Duration: 28 min
Language: English

006: On the Road to Beijing: The Amman Conference,Despite the Differences 
Arab women talk about issues pertaining to their lives - of health and literacy.

Year : 1994
Duration: 25 min
Language: English, Arabic

007: On the Road to Beijing: The Dakar Conference, Peace is Paramount 
The preparatory meeting in Africa called for peace and an end to the suffering of women and children brought about by civil war and military coups.

Year : 1994
Duration: 25 min
Language: English

008: Countdown to 2000 
In collaboration with the London-based TVE (Television trust for Environment), these are six one-minute spots for international distribution on the 12 areas of concern of the Beijing platform for action.

Year : 1995
Duration: 06 min
Language: English

009: Countdown to 2000 
In collaboration with TVE and the One World Broadcasters of Europe, WFS produced two TV spots for HABITAT II, the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Istanbul, 3-14 June 1996.

Year : 1996
Duration: 04 min 40 sec
Language: English

010: In Search of a Roof  
Divided in two parts, the first part of the film examines conditions in New Seemapuri, a resettlement colony on the outskirts of Delhi. What were the conditions that Nenna Devi, Suneeta Devi, Ramzan, and other women lived in?  Who motivated these women to struggle? What did these women do? 

The second part deals with the plight of construction workers like Choti Bai, Rampyari and others located in Rohini Sector 3, Delhi, who after years of building homes for others find themselves without a roof.

Year: 1996
Duration: 15 min each
Language: English

011: The Barefoot College 
Documents the successful work of the SWRC (Social Work Research Center) in Tilonia, District Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

Year : 1995
Duration: 07 min
Language: English

012: Action against Arrack 
A training film that documents strategies adopted by women's groups to broaden and sharpen the on-going struggle against arrack, a locally brewed alcohol.

Year : 1997
Duration: 20 min
Language: English

013: En-gendering the 9th five year plan 
How do women get a voice into the planning process, and more precisely into India’s 9th Five Year Plan (1997-2002)?  United Nations Fund for Development of Women (UNIFEM) initiated an unprecedented process through a Think Tank team that heard grassroots voices from different walks of life, met with members of the Planning Commission, ministries, and submitted a plan to the Planning Commission.

Year         : 1998
Duration: 20 min
Language: English

014: Speaking out -- on Women's Economic Empowerment in South Asia
Documents a national workshop analysing the NGO experience of women's empowerment.

Year         : 1998
Duration: 25 min
Language: English

015: 84th Amendment spot 
A one minute public interest film on the 84th amendment of ensuring a 33 per cent quota for women in India’s Parliament and state assemblies.

Year         : 1998
Duration: 01 min
Language: English and Hindi

016: A Legacy of Ignorance
Talking about Sexual Health 

A documentary on reproductive health emphasising a life cycle approach to life. Beginning with the simulation of a birth, it explores what reproduction and sexuality mean  from young children to elderly people.
Filmed in New Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, the documentary highlights innovative projects and practices of various organisations. In search of policies and programmes on sexual health at the ground level which could have an impact at policies at the macro level, the documentary argues for strategies to end the legacy of ignorance.

Year         : 1998
Duration: 54 min
Language: English

A documentary linked to the movement for the 33 per cent quota for women in India’s Parliament and state assemblies, focusing on the "Chetna Yatra" undertaken by the Joint Action Front for Women to create awareness for women's empowerment and to end violence against women and girls.
On December 4, 1998, 41 women activists undertook a six-day-long train journey that took them from New Delhi to Ernakulam to Chennai and back to Delhi.

Year: 1999
Duration: 20 Min
Language : English

Catalogue  of the VHS cassettes

S No.

Name of the Video



Where Women Are Leaders


Breaking the Silence


Back to the Village


The Indonesian Way


On the Road to Beijing


On the Road to Beijing 
The Amman Conference 
Despite the Differences


On the Road to Beijing 
The Dakar Conference 
Peace is Paramount


Countdown to 2000


Countdown to 2000


In Search of a Roof


The Barefoot College


Action against Arrack


En-gendering the 
9th Five Year Plan


Speaking out--on Women's Economic Empowerment in South Asia


84th Amendment spot


A legacy of Ignorance: Talking about Sexual Health


Chetna Yatra 
A Journey of Hope

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Archival Footage

Footage related to the Fourth World Conference on Women,
The Latest Initiative.
Women's Feature Service is pleased to announce an archive of high quality Betacam footage on preparatory meetings leading to Beijing from the following regions

NGO Symposium, Manila, November 1993
Ministerial meeting, Jakarta, June 1994

West Asia
NGO Forum and Ministerial meeting, Amman,
November 1994

NGO Forum and Ministerial meeting, Dakar, November, 1994


Bangladesh, Fiji, New Zealand, Cambodia, Hong Kong   Philippines, China, India, Senegal, Cook Islands, Indonesia   Tibet, Egypt, Jordan

Women's Feature Service is pleased to announce an archive of high quality betacam footage on the following topics:
Women, Health, Human Rights, Political Participation,
Literacy, Environment, Movements and Community, Organising Population, Unorganised Sector, Liquor

Austria, Jordan, Egypt, Philippines, Hong Kong, Senegal, India, Thailand, Indonesia


Austria, Korea, South Africa, Algeria, Netherlands, Serbia, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Somalia, Bosnia, Palestine, Sudan, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Peru, Uganda, Brazil, Puerto Rico, USA,  Costa Rica, Pakistan, Crotia.


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