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The best secure websites to watch anime

As you may already know, there are tons of free anime websites available on the internet. However, you might be worried that these websites contain spyware or viruses that could harm your computer. No worries, there are safe streaming services available on the web, and we will share them with you in our top 10 down below. Let’s start!

1. the most legal and safe anime website

Despite having many anime websites that are shutting down due to copyright laws, allows you to watch various anime shows while staying totally legal. Amazingly, this site is doing very well on that front, and is free of viruses and other malware! You might never stop watching anime on this website as it contains an endless amount of shows and movies. That said, there is a subscription plan if you want to support the platform and its content.

2. AnimeLab: the best quality streaming anime website without ads

AnimeLab is considered a safe platform that offers viewers a premium experience without any ads. The interesting point is that the site provides a simulcast which gives you the possibility to watch fresh new episodes of your favorite anime at the exact same time they are released in Japan. You can watch various anime on Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Apple TV, Samsung TV, PS4, and many other platforms.

3. the best online anime platform without any danger

For several years, this site was the biggest and the best anime website on the internet. As reported by TorrentFreak, Kissanime had a steady flow of new and old anime releases with a very large viewership in the millions. Moreover, the site was very easy to navigate through with its friendly interface and its numerous features. Unfortunately, is not active anymore and does not seem to be coming back anytime soon for all anime lovers. Indeed, after providing over a decade of free (and mostly pirated) content, the giant platform got shut down due to stricter piracy laws from Japan.

4. an anime gold mine with all kinds of titles

AnimeFreak is a free anime site that contains lots of categories for anime movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the giant platform also provides its content with high quality resolutions and various settings. Even though many watchers have complained about its complex interface, it still remains one of the top trustworthy anime websites. On a final note, you may encounter a few intrusive ads while using the platform which can be off-putting for some.

5. the best anime website for free is a famous online platform to watch anime free of charge. Thousands of anime choices, movies, and TV-shows are offered for free and downloadable. All anime lovers can watch them anywhere around the world as the site is not zoned. Not only this site provides 2 different formats, (English dubbed and subbed), but it also offers various filters such as genre, season, recently added, and completion status. Finally, the site also provides a “Popular Tab” which consists of all the top anime series that are currently popular among anime lovers.

6. a trustworthy anime streaming website

This website offers one of the most consistent video quality for its content. Additionally, it is very easy to use as it offers fast loading speeds and a smooth streaming experience. Free of viruses and trustworthy, you can watch new and old anime series in the comfort of your home.

7. a nice anime website to watch for free

This site is another secure platform that offers different anime genres such as comedy, adventure, fantasy, horror, and so on. often updates the newest chapters of each Anime on its list for free with perfect quality. This website is favored by loads of anime fans as it quickly and frequently updates its content. Last but not least, the viewers can find various famous anime series like One Piece, SAO, Boruto, Attack on Titan, etc.

8. a secure anime site with good subtitles

What makes one of the most popular sites among watchers is that it provides a trending filter feature where you can find a variety of new popular anime shows. Furthermore, this site also provides good quality anime with great subtitles.

9. a safe anime site without ads

This last site is a really great solution for your anime cravings. The latter offers a smooth experience with no random ads. Freely enjoy your anime shows without any interrupting ads. Moreover, the site also has filters to help you find the right anime in no time.

10. Funimation: free and paid options for high-quality content

You may have heard of them before, Funimation is a giant of the anime industry, specializing in the dubbing and distribution of many popular shows that you know and love. Most notably, funimation often rhymes with Dragon Ball, probably the biggest anime franchise out there. The platform is clean, user-friendly, and offers great quality content for both its free and paid users. The only sad part is, the website is not available everywhere on the planet, so you might need a VPN in order to use it.

Hopefully, with this list, you will be able to find everything you ever wanted to watch. On that note, we wish you a very good time with your favorite anime shows!

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