The basic trick of smoke rings

How to do the most 3 popular vape tricks like a pro?

There are many vape smoking tricks you might have seen in movies, music videos, or from a vaper who was trying to impress you by showing off his skills. They make vapor smoke turn into magical shapes and videos of such performances became viral very quickly. Moreover, newer vaping devices can produce deeper vapor smoke, which is way more effective than cigarette smoke. It indeed offers a thicker cloud and it makes it easier to perform some neat tricks. In this article, we are going to show you the 3 most well-known vape tricks and how to pull them off. That way, you will become a vape master!

Basic preparations before doing vape tricks

Before you are going to nail these amazing vape tricks, you need to know the following 3 basic preps:

  1. You need to have a good vape device that can produce thick vapor so that you can inhale and blow out plenty of vapor for creating your favorite art form.
  2. You need vaping nicotine liquid for your e-cigarette. Take note that, if you have never smoked a vape or a cigarette before, inhaling a lot of nicotine can make you feel dizzy. Alternatively, you can use juice without nicotine.
  3. You will need to inhale the vapor smoke directly into your lungs to perform these tricks. Be aware that, if you are a beginner, have someone to look after you as it can make you choke from smoking.
  4. Remember that practice and time make your vaping skills perfect.

How to blow O’s (O-Rings, Donut Rings, Smoke Rings) with vape?

The easiest trick everyone can do is the O. It is also the most popular vaping trick ever. Moreover, most beginners like to start by puffing out those donuts before any other tricks. Do you want to try it out? Let’s do it:

Step 1: Inhale the vapor as much as you can into your lungs and throat.

Step 2: Make sure your tongue lies flat at the bottom of your mouth.

Step 3: Make sure your lips are in an “O” shape.

Step 4: Push a little amount of vapor out of your mouth using your throat by mimicking a light cough. You can control the size of your “O” by controlling your mouth opening with a small or large circle.

Step 5: You can improve your O’s quality by making more vape rings. You can do them by putting your hand in the middle of your mouth so that you can make as many rings as you want.

Even though this process looks simple, this trick will still require time and effort if you want to succeed. Once you can do it perfectly like a pro, you will wanna try out some more interesting vape tricks!

How to do the ghost trick with a vape?

This trick is a real classic and perfect for beginners, and still interesting for more advanced vapers. To do this one, you will need to release a circle of vapor, let it float, and capture it back into your lungs. It might sound easy, but if your timing is wrong, it is not going to happen.

Step 1: Take as much vapor as you can into your mouth and hold it for a second like sucking on a straw. In other words, keep the vapor in your mouth and don’t inhale it into your lungs.

Step 2: Let the smoke off with a little exhale to not let it go too far.

Step 3: Once the little cloud is floating right in front of you, inhale it back.

You will also need a lot of practice to see the ghost finally make an appearance. It’s all about timing, baby!

How to do the French inhale trick with a vape?

Another nickname of this trick is the Irish Waterfall. Many celebrities did this trick and made it trendy such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. All you need to do is to make the vapor flow from your mouth into your nose. It can be complicated as you need to exhale through your mouth while you inhale through your nose.

Step 1: Smoke the vape, but don’t inhale the vapor all the way. Hold the vapor into your mouth instead.

Step 2: Open your mouth slowly and push the vapor away to your upper lip.

Step 3: Try to inhale the flowing cloud by your nose. It will make the vapor flow right into your nose.

You can try this trick in front of the mirror to see how it looks until you get the right synchronism between your mouth and your nose.

And Voilà! Now you are a step closer to becoming a real vaping pro! You will be able to impress your crush, your friends, and your family with these cool little vape tricks! To conclude, although these tricks are just for fun, they can be bad for your health. So please be careful, take a break once in a while during your practices. Good things come to those who wait as they say.

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