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Resolve error messages of Openload Stream Authorization

In the past, watching your favorite videos, movies, or TV series was perhaps a bit more complicated than nowadays. Streaming platforms are now used all around the world such as Disney Plus, Apple TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime as they provide the content you want to watch. The only requirement: you need to pay a monthly subscription to get a membership. But what if you wanted to access all this content for free? That’s right, internet users who don’t want to pay to access said content can do so by using Openload Stream Authorization or an Openload co-pairing with the Kodi app. The latter is a very popular application to stream TV series and movies while avoiding any subscription payments. Let’s see exactly how to use the Kodi application down below.

Openload Co-pair for Video Streaming with the Kodi Application

Kodi is a free media player software application created by the XBMC Foundation. It allows internet users to access many movies and TV shows for free through Openload Stream Authorization. Nevertheless, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) eventually brought it down since the users did not have to pay anything to access the paid audio-visual content. As you may already know, the Kodi app is totally illegal under copyright laws.

Despite the takedown and everything that followed, users are still able to access the platform since the Kodi app creators protected the system by using a clever method. Indeed, the Kodi application sends the user an error message whenever he or she tries to connect the platform. That way, hackers or robots that are trying to shut the system down the system are not able to access the Openload co-pairing platform. Furthermore, the users can easily resolve the error message with our 5 steps guide down below.

What’s the error message with Openload Stream Authorization?

Openload co-pairing makes the system safe by warning the Kodi app user with 2 different error messages: Olpair error and error. Don’t worry, this is not the end of the road!

Resolving the error messages with Openload pairing in 5 easy steps

In preparation for using Openload pairing and watch your favorite movies or TV series, you will have to follow our simple guide below:

1. Download and install a VPN

A secure IP address will be provided after downloading and activating a VPN which means nobody can see what you are doing with your computer or which websites you are visiting. It can also keep the entire co-pairing platform safe. Furthermore, this is also a way to let Openload know that you have a secure IP address, which will help you with the following steps.

2. Open a web browser page with HTML-5 support

For making Openload pairing a safe solution, the Openload stream creators had to make new shortcuts and commands that would fool bots and hackers to think that they are in fact HTML-5 agreeable web-browser shortcuts.

All you have to do is download the latest version that is compatible with those provided shortcuts and commands. There are many popular HTML-5 web browsers for instance:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

3. Type and enter https:/ directly into the web browser Bar

Once the user opens the web browser, he or she needs to write “https:/” in the address bar. Then, your IP address will be recognized and let the user connect to a co-pairing system on an Openload secure website.

4. Click the box “I am not a robot”

As previously mentioned, Openload protects itself against robots and hackers that could threaten its streaming system. For that reason, the administrators needed to add one more command which is a simple “I am not a robot” check box. From there, what you will need to do is just one click on a box to confirm that you are not a robot.

Thereafter, you will be asked to click on all the images that contain a particular element. As an example, there could be 9 pictures of various streets, asking the user which pics contain a crosswalk.

5. Exist the browser page

Finally, if you are able to make it through all the steps above, you should get the following message “Wait for a few minutes”. Then, you can go to the Kodi app. Congratulations, you have effectively entered the Openload stream service for a limited time of 4 hours.

Please make sure that your VPN does not get disconnected during the process. If you are disconnected, you will be directly expelled from Openload and you will need to repeat the steps all over again.

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