The neo Bohemian way of life is booming

What is the Bohemian Lifestyle?

Being a bohemian does not mean you dress like one. It is something that has to do with lifestyle and how you think. You might consider adopting this lifestyle or wonder if the way you live your life is considered Bohemian. Keep reading to know more about the bohemians.

What does it mean to be Bohemian?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Bohemian is “a person who is interested in artistic and unusual things, for instance, art, music, or literature, and lives in an informal way that ignores the usually accepted ways of behaving”.

Bohemians are known as “boho chic” and they are extremely free from the way they live their lives. This includes how they think, how they dress, to the way they express themselves to the world.

What Are The Characteristics of Bohemians?

The first thing you can notice about a bohemian is how they dress. They always have leather bags around their shoulders and a shawl. As they are not materialistic, they like to wear natural accessories, and do not like to dress like most people around them.

They do not value money or materials in the world. They believe in living as environmentalists and being totally free to express themselves. Also, they are likely to be around people who have similar opinions on the world. They are basically anti-establishment individuals. Therefore, there are no rules of how you live, only ways to express who you are.

Moreover, bohos have a strong belief in nature, thus why they are likely to be vegan. This is because they don’t want to consume innocent animals, and they don’t support animals being mass-produced.

How do Bohemians Live their Lives?

They spend most of the time studying philosophies or making arts. Moreover, they like to expand their knowledge by reading books to better understand life and the world we live in.

Bohemians usually travel to see the world and to be free, exploring to find beautiful things in different countries, often in nature.

They live their life not caring about what other people think. They usually do not have many belongings or a permanent place to stay. Furthermore, they like to liberate themselves from all kinds of drugs, alcohol, and sexuality.

How to Live Like a Bohemian?

Let Loose of Your Inner Beast

We sometimes forget or never actually realize that we are animals on this earth. Thus, unleashing your inner beast is a good idea to unite with mother earth. You can try to do activities such as conquering the top of a mountain, swim in the rivers, climb trees, or dance to the drum beats and let your natural instinct guide you. In addition, you can try to act like animals by jumping on a fence, or fight like a lion when you do martial arts.

When you explore nature, try eating edible plants or unprocessed food. Observe things around you like watching the clouds, feeling the wild, or seeing the birds flying above you. This way, you can be a part of nature and feel life itself.

Start Creating Arts

Are you tired of your boring job? Starting an artwork is one thing you can do to express your inner self. If you do not have any inspiration, try the methods above to reconnect you with nature.

There are many types of arts you can do such as drawing, painting, making music, singing, dancing, or writing. This way you can show your ideas, there are no boundaries when it comes to art.

Start Questioning the Authority

Do not believe everything you see or what most people believe. You should question everything most people believe and see a situation from all perspectives. You should stand up for yourself, and become free to express different opinions. People with similar goals will understand you.

What Does Being A Bohemian Give You?

  1. Being a bohemian gives you the courage to express your ideas and live your life to the max. You will have the courage to question and reject the social norms. This way, you will get to know and see something that other people do not.
  2. They will be proud of their own body. Bohemians do not feel embarrassed about being naked. They like to embrace themselves and accept their flaws. This way of living in your own body will make you much happier.
  3. It gives you the motivation to travel and see the unseen locations that other people are missing. Not only will you discover new places, but you will also get to experience new cultures as well.

Overall, Bohemian is not a fashion, it is not a trend, but it is a lifestyle you choose to live. Being true to yourself and being free is a significant part of fulfilling one’s self-consciousness. Moreover, having sympathy, understanding the world, and staying connected to nature are good things whether you are Bohemian or not.

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