• Are relationships a path to happiness

    Can being in a couple translate into fulfilment?

    Many studies have been done over the last decade, regarding how being in a couple affects individuals. Most were searching to understand if their psychological and physical health was better or worse. It would seem that the answer is: People fare better, generally speaking, when they share their lives with a significant other. Here are the various ways it helps each individual reach fulfillment.

  • The basic trick of smoke rings

    How to do the most 3 popular vape tricks like a pro?

    There are many vape smoking tricks you might have seen in movies, music videos, or from a vaper who was trying to impress you by showing off his skills. They make vapor smoke turn into magical shapes and videos of such performances became viral very quickly. Moreover, newer vaping devices can produce deeper vapor smoke, which is way more effective than cigarette smoke. It indeed offers a thicker cloud and it makes it easier to perform some neat tricks. In this article, we are going to show you the 3 most well-known vape tricks and how to pull them off. That way, you will become a vape master!