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Trending Watches in 2023

Everything has changed after the pandemic – it is just a simple fact. It doesn’t mean that fashion is not trending backwards though, at least in some regards. You can definitely see the dichotomy in the world of watches, as sustainability and gender-neutral models are two words that are modifying watches style, while retro glamour is also popping back up on the scene. Here are the trendy watches of 2023.

Welcome to the Modern World

If you have not heard anything about those AI noise canceling call watch yet, let us introduce them to you. As you know AI is infiltrating itself everywhere these days. Just in the first few months of the year, we have seen how powerful it can be, with the arrival of ChatGPT on the market, which changes all the rules about copy writing. But AI also applies to watches. The Huawei Watch Buds Black is a model that features it, which you definitely must discover. You simply won’t believe how cool it is. Where are the buds to place in your ears for phone calls? Inside your watch. This smartwatch will take care of all the data you need to stay healthy and it is also waterproof. It is perfect for all the modern business women out there and those who like to stay ahead of the crowd.

Sustainability and Gender Neutral Watches

Did you ever think that you would one day be wearing a watch made of airplane parts? If you did not, know that you are not alone. But this new material is now available under the name carbonium, and it is used by Ulysse Nardin in their new watch models. The same green vibe also emanates from Maurice Lacroix Aikon tide models, which are created with a composite material mixing upcycled plastic and glass fibre.

Gender neutral watches have been in the waiting for a while, but now we can say that they are finally here. It is the case with Omega’s De Ville Prestige, which has been modified to fit this new identity, as well as the Bell & Ross BR-X5 and Gucci’s 25H. As brands let women and men decide which watch pleases them the most, are we bound to see the end of men and women watches? No, not a chance. There is only one more choice available, for those who want to try something different.

The Retro-cool Glamour lives On

Not everything changes. In fact, the past seems to be steadily anchored in the present. We have seen the 60s and 70s watches brought back to life for a few years now. Last year, it was Cartier’s Pebble watch that was all the glamour, as they reissued it for its 50th anniversary. This year, Charles Zuber (the brand) is issuing a watch that seems to have been brought back thanks to a time machine, straight from the 60s. There is no sign on the horizon showing a cool down of this trend either.

If anything, pre-owned watches are still going strong. This luxury watch market has been on the rise for many years now, and 2023 should see it getting a new boost, thanks to Rolex’s certified pre-owned programme (CPO). Since this brand is considered to be the number one worldwide, their participation in this segment of the industry will only reinforce it, without a doubt.

And so, even though a new world is installing itself, the old one is still going strong as well. It is a sign of the times that something so revolutionary as creating watches from recycled material can co-exist with the rebirth of retro watches. We live in a world separated in two, where there is a watch for every taste. Something that brands surely enjoy.

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