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Why Americans from California love travelling to France?

Sometimes, people travel because they want to find themselves in a completely different environment than the one they evolve in daily. But other times, they head to a destination that they have ties with. That is the case with people from California who love to visit France, because of the elements that bide them together, namely culture, wine and technology. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why US West Coasters fly across the Atlantic Ocean to visit France.


California is a land of culture; so is France. Hollywood might be the center of the world when it comes to cinema, but everyone knows that French directors are some of the most innovative on the planet. The people on both sides share a love for telling stories, but also to view them. There aren’t many places in the world where cinemas still attract as many customers as in the Hexagone. And French do like a good old US blockbuster made in L.A.

It is also true that California has close ties to the French film industry. That is because French films are often shown at film festivals in this state. Every year, actors, directors and business people form the film industry in Hollywood head to Cannes to present their latest production, but it also isn’t rare that they catch one of the daily flights to Paris to promote a film, or just to enjoy the city.

It would be impossible not to mention the love of art of everyone involved. California has an extensive collection of museums and galleries showcasing art, science, and history. Some of the most important art collectors reside in San Francisco today, and they often hop on an SFO flight to Paris, to come and discover a new painter or sculptor, or to take part in a gallery opening featuring one of their favourite artists. There is no doubt that culture is an important element that attracts Californian to France, since the latter is known for its museums.


Real wine lovers know that some of the best bottles in the world come from America’s West Coast. Anyone who has ever taken a sip from a Chardonnay of the region will tell you that it stands by itself, even though the grapes originally came from Europe, often from France. California has become one of the largest wine-producing regions in the world. Throughout the years it took them to get there, they kept close ties to France’s wine industry. In fact, many of California’s vineyards were established by French immigrants. It is known that some of the greatest winemakers in this region have trained in France or use French techniques in their winemaking.

Those who enjoy great wines in California all want to tour France, in search of the “origins”. They go to Bordeaux to discover how the Merlot grapes are grown, since they also use it a lot in American wines. They also stop by the Champagne region to taste some of the greatest brands that they have been drinking every time they celebrate special events. Yes, wine is certainly one of the most important reasons why people from California love to spend time in France.


It would not be fair to not mention technology, before closing this article. California is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies, as many of them are based in the famous Silicon Valley. France is also known to have a strong technology industry, with a few of their own companies entertaining collaborations and partnerships with their American counterparts in the region. Therefore, it is not rare to see them walk the streets of Paris, when they come to visit their colleagues in France.

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