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Top 10 Wish Alternatives for Shopping

We all love spending money, and what better way to do that than an application where everything seems cheaper than usual? Wish is a very popular selling platform, but let’s be honest, what’s on the picture and the product that you get at home are often quite different, to say the least. That said, there are many other shopping apps you can use that are as good, or even better than Wish. Here are our Top 10 Apps like Wish that we love using.


Well, by now, nobody in the world needs an introduction to Amazon anymore. Jeff Bezos, its founder, is simply one of the richest persons on the planet with a fortune worth around 190 billion USD. On Amazon, you can find pretty much anything you want; clothes, tools, graphic cards, computers, toys, video games, furniture, cookware, etc.

The best way to take full advantage of the platform is to subscribe to Amazon Prime, which gives you the following benefits:

  • Best deals and discounts on many products
  • Full access to the video streaming platform
  • Gives you 1 free paid sub per month on the Twitch platform


The eBay platform is another mastodon in the online shopping business. Before, eBay was synonymous with Paypal, as they were partnered for a very long time. Alas, both companies parted ways, so you are not covered by Paypal anymore if anything happens. Aside from this unfortunate event, the giant selling platform is still going strong with more than 187 million users.

If you don’t know how eBay works, it’s pretty simple. You can choose to buy or sell a product, but you can also put your product on auction, and sell it to the highest bidder. This system is what made the platform so famous many years ago, but now with all the bots and cheaters, it’s hard to win an auction in a legitimate way.


Cute is an online shopping app that primarily focuses on makeup and beauty products. You won’t find any computer rigs here, nor will you find anything edible! It’s all about finding the best beauty and makeup products with good reviews in one place. That way, you won’t have to search through pages and pages of sellers to find the eyeliner you were looking for.


Another app made by the Wish team of development, Geek, as you probably have guessed, is the app of choice to find anything computer and tech-related. In a Wish fashion, the discounts you can find here are sometimes out of this world! Careful though, sometimes when it’s too good to be true… You know the saying, right? Anyhow, we strongly recommend the Geek app for buying RAM, a graphic card, a processor, a new PC screen, or even your next gaming headphones.


JOOM is a good online shop app with positive reviews all around. It is not as big as eBay, Wish, or Amazon, but it does essentially the same thing. To this day, the JOOM online store has over 250 million customers, so it’s no surprise that so many merchants decided to sell on the JOOM platform. As per usual, you can find anything you want; clothes, kitchenware, computer accessories, etc.


If you were looking for the best online retailer to pass your next wholesale order on, AliExpress, alongside Alibaba, is a pretty safe bet. Basically, for online drop shipping businesses, AliExpress is the best place to buy an item in bulk at an insanely low rate. But even if you are not a business person yourself, know that you can just go on AliExpress as a regular shopper and buy anything your heart truly desires. Because yes, this online shop monster has everything, from clothes to tech, to kid toys and food.


If you are looking for something to upgrade your wardrobe, then Asos is the best place to be! This app has an insane amount of clothes in every style you can possibly imagine. Moreover, Asos closely follows the different trends of the moment, so it’s really the best fashion app there is. Another thing that caught our attention is that Asos only sells cruelty-free brands that don’t hurt the animals. And finally, let’s not forget, shipping is free on all orders above $35.


Groupon is one of those particular platforms where you can buy something in groups, and if the item in question reaches its goal, then you get an awesome discount that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. In other words, the platform is crowdfunding incredible discounts, which is a fun way for both buyers and sellers to do online business. Not only the discounts are interesting, but they give the sellers and retailers the chance to freely promote a product through the Groupon platform. So if you were looking for a way to get enormous discounts, Groupon is the right place for you.


Of course, Walmart has its own mobile online shop application now! And since you can find almost anything that exists at Walmart, it is also the case on their online store. Sometimes, you can find solid deals that are only available online, so it’s worth checking once in a while. Finally, know that many items are covered by the OTC card, which you can use directly on Walmart’s application before checkout.


Target is probably one of the biggest competitors to Walmart, and their android/iOS application recently introduced a new feature called Circle. With Circle, you get quick access to Target’s best deals and also get rewarded with its loyalty program. That’s right, you get 1% in Target-Circle earnings for every eligible purchase. Besides, Target is just a simple way to get anything you want, so this new Circle feature is a good bonus.

And that’s all for your top 10 list of the best Wish alternative apps. With all of these choices, you should be able to find something you like, at least, we hope so! On that note, have fun shopping online with these apps.

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